With the J2 came a PA gearbox with a J2 remote control. I hate those 2nd and 3rd gear ratios on the PA gearbox, which are probably designed to reduce the number of gear changes required, but kill your acceleration in third gear, especially going uphill. so I bought what I was led to believe was a J2 gearbox. But then I took it apart.


When I took it apart, I found out that it was a low mileage Wolseley gearbox from a Morris with the same bloody ratios as the PA! Fortunately, the seller then provided me with a proper set of J2 gears free of charge which I combined with the Morris box and the rear housing from the PA. The new stainless steel gear stick was made by Bob Clare. The result is almost identical to a J2 gearbox, except for the speedometer drive ratio.


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