The bodytub restoration started when I removed a rear wing to try on a PA wing which I’d bought. When I removed the wing and the upholstery and saw all the rotted wood, wood worm and thin air where there was supposed to be wood, I nearly suffered a heart attack. I had a hard time trying to figure out which parts were original and which were repairs. Also, it was difficult to establish the exact original shape of the tub, since the lower rails had rotted away and had been repaired out of alignment. To make things worse, I found out that the body irons and the firewall supports were bent out of shape - in a crash, by the look of it. I was rescued by members of the Triple M forum, who provided me with pictures, tracings and a good set of J2 body tub drawings. With all that information combined, I was able to bend, cut and weld the metal parts back into shape, and to produce a set of patterns for all the wooden parts that need replacement - about 80% of the tub. I’ve bought two huge ash timbers, and by now, I’m merrily grinding away on all the body parts. The fun part has begun!

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